This website is maintained as part of our commitment to help carry the A.A. message to other alcoholics.
If you want more information, call the Chippewa Valley Intergroup at 715-835-5543.
You can also write:  District 05, PO Box 1902, Eau Claire, WI   54702


PI is in need of help and is seeking volunteers to staff the AA Booth at the Northern Wisconsin State Fair.

Meeting Guide

The Meeting Guide will help you locate AA meetings in your area.

Please send updates to as you find errors. Please provide the following information.

1. Your first name and first initial of last name, contact email address and phone number if you wish.
2. The group name requiring a change.
3. The physical address of the meeting place.
4. The day and time of the meeting.
5. The change required

“Our building is closed to the public and we do not meet virtually, please mark our meeting temporarily closed”.
“Our building is now allowing public access, please remove our temporary closure.”
“Please remove Zoom information as our meeting has went back to physically meetings.”
“Our building is closed, and we are starting a virtual meeting, here is the meeting ID and password…”